Time & Tide Museum


Time & Tide Museum

Time & Tide Museum

Project Value: £10,000+
Location: Great Yarmouth

Playfords were contacted by Time & Tide Museum to design a solution to provide effective digital signage throughout the historic museum to further enhance the museums impact to its visitors.

Upon visiting Time & Tide Museum Playfords designed solutions to provide custom digital signage in multiple locations throughout the museum which could be customised for each specific area as well as be designed and scheduled in advance by the museum staff. One specific area of the museum named ‘the steeps’ provided a unique challenge and offered the opportunity to show the signage in a unique way using projection.

Within ‘the steeps’ we utilised an Ultra Short Throw projector to display the digital signage onto a large wall. Using Ultra Short Throw projection we were able to disguise the projector and not disturb the historical nature of the environment. Using projection we were able to project a large image onto the wall to maximise the impact of ‘the steeps’ and provide an enhanced experience to the museums visitors.

Within the other areas of the museum we utilised the museums existing LCD Display Screens to show the new Digital Signage which was provided to each screen through the structured cabling network.

A+K Pads digital signage software was used to provide the museum with a feature rich solution which was easy to manage and design by museum staff. Using Pads the museum can now design their signage well in advance and schedule this to integrate into their existing presentations at specific dates and times to maximise its impact. Using a software solution such as Pads we could also make use of its easy to use user interface enabling other staff members to get involved in the design of the signage.

Time & Tide Museum also has a large education room which is used to provide education presentations to large audiences and also hire the room for local training or presentations. Within the education room Time & Tide Museum already used a SMART Interactive whiteboard at the front of the room however it was difficult to get the message on the screen across to everyone within the large room. Playfords designed a solution to duplicate the image being projected onto the Interactive Whiteboard at the front of the room onto a 42” NEC Large Format display in the middle of the room to provide a full visual experience for everyone within the room.

Paul Wishart Operations Manager of Time & Tide Museum said ‘in each of the projects that I have worked on with Playfords I have been impressed each time with their creative solutions, efficient installations and a keen after sales service, which is so important to me. They have always understood the challenges and needs of busy heritage sites’

Paul Smedley of Playfords said ‘Working within the historic building that Time & Tide Museum is located offered its own unique challenges to ensure that any installation works were sympathetic to the buildings historic and original features and did not encroach on the exhibits being shown. The opportunity to design a digital signage solution for this unique client within the museum was a great opportunity to work with the team at Time & Tide Museum to customise the solution to meet with their needs.

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