Jack Hunt Secondary School


Jack Hunt Secondary School

Jack Hunt Secondary School

Jack Hunt Secondary School Dining Block, Peterborough

In August 2019 Playfords successfully completed and handed over a complete M&E solution package including electrical, mechanical, CCTV, access control, fire and intruder alarm systems working as a supply chain partner to R G Carter Building Services.

Engaged at an early stage, Playfords’ team were able to assist with the project design process working closely with the client’s teams and the appointed architectural supplier to ensure all elements of the M&E package captured and afforded the necessary solutions in line with the new building’s purpose. As the full design process developed Playfords’ design team ensured all suitable solutions were explored across the various disciplines to afford the client some comfort that each element of the new build design afforded both cost surety and carried the required energy efficiencies applicable.

The electrical delivery included the installation of new containment systems throughout with a new sub-main distribution cabling system from the incoming electrical supply supplying local distribution boards within the building.

Lighting was provided via LED light fittings throughout. Intelligent lighting control systems were installed to offer absence and presence detection, also daylight dimming adjacent to incoming daylight sources. A dedicated emergency lighting system was also installed throughout the building. External lighting was provided via a building mounted LED solution.

The installation of a data cabling infrastructure throughout the building was included within the design for IT services. All outlets were presented as RJ45 connectivity.

Fibre optic cabling solutions were installed between the new ICT data cabinet, kitchen data cabinet and the existing school to offer a complete interconnected solution for the end users’ requirements.

A new intelligent fire detection system incorporating disabled refuge alarms to both stair cores were installed along with new intruder and access control systems. CCTV monitoring externally was also installed.

Mechanical works included the installation of three modular type high efficiency boilers to provide flexible and efficient control to match the building demands, along with offering resilience in the event of a single boiler failure. Heat emitting radiant panels are installed to teaching spaces with toilets, general circulation, staff rooms and the like provided with low pressure hot water heating wall mounted radiators, all locally controlled with thermostatic radiator valves. The main entrance is provided with an over door heater to the inside of the building, this to protect infiltration of cold draught.

The Dining Hall is provided with radiant panels, generally with supply air provided by an air handling unit located within the external plant compound. This is distributed via high level grilles throughout the space.

The ventilation solution adopted for the teaching spaces uses the mixed mode solution, which provides comfortable conditions throughout the seasons. The availability of a mechanical ventilation system ensures draught‐free winter ventilation is achieved whilst still providing users with the option to open windows if desired.

The ground floor kitchen is provided with dedicated mechanical supply and extract ventilation for the control of catering odours and heat and vapour removal.

Each toilet / cleaner’s store area has the provision of mechanical extract.

Rich ICT areas and dedicated ICT areas are treated with air sourced heat pumps; this is to offer an efficient and low carbon solution to provide dedicated cooling. The heat pumps provide both heating and cooling to the areas, this offers a common system for each for use throughout the year.

Cooling systems have been provided to the Server room via individual localised split air sourced heat pumps.

With the new building efficiencies considered across the M&E design, Playfords also proposed and installed a Photovoltaic Solar Panel installation to the external roof area affording a renewable energy power generating system to reduce the building running costs further.

In addition, a new stand-alone Science classroom was built next to the existing science block to allow the school to carry out a greater number of lessons at any one time. The building included all new M&E services fed via the new dining block.


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