Royal Free Hospital


Royal Free Hospital

Royal Free Hospital

Contract Value: £1,850,000
Location: London

Sub Station B Refurbishment

Playfords undertook the refurbishment of Sub Station B at Royal Free Hospital, a key HV/LV part of the hospitals power infrastructure. The project was delivered over a 9 month period encompassing the replacement of 3 x 11000V/433V 1.25MVA x power transformers, conversion of the existing 11Kv oil circuit breakers to vacuum, extension of the existing 11kV switchboard and replacement of the LV distribution switchboard, associated open and closed transition switches and generator controls. Careful planning and management enabled the works to be undertaken without interruption of supply to both essential and non-essential services.

New 11Kv Incomer Project

This project was successfully delivered by Playfords over an 18 month period and involved major alterations to the hospital’s 11kV network. We constructed a new UKPN intake substation within the hospital site to allow a 3rd 11kV incomer to be introduced providing additional resilience and 10 MW of power availability. The works included the complete refurbishment of the existing intake switchboard, converting oil circuit breakers to vacuum in addition to replacing HV CT’s and the introduction of new metering protection schemes. Controlled management of the hospitals HV network allowed rationalisation of the existing 11kV intake switchboard resulting in the 3rd incomer being successfully introduced to the hospital.

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