Hammersmith Hospital Imaging Dept.


Hammersmith Hospital Imaging Dept.

Hammersmith Hospital Imaging Dept.

Playfords were engaged as the Principal Contractor in order to deliver the construction of a new HV/LV Sub-station onto the roof of the A Block building at Hammersmith Hospital. Being a key hospital service within central London the emphasis was on providing all of the required work scope with minimal effect to the day to day operation. All of the equipment to be delivered required careful planning and liaison with all key stakeholders within the hospital to prevent major disruptions to daily services.

The project’s primary objective was to provide new power requirements for the latest Imaging department refurbishment and equipment replacement. The new substation comprised of 2no 11kV to 415V transformer units with close coupled Ring Main Units feeding a new Dual fed 2000A bus coupled LV Switchboard. The HV system was completed with remote switching facility for the Transformer units. The new LV switchroom was created within a new GRP enclosure on the roof supported via a steel frame on the roof as an extension of the building columns. All of the equipment required a sequence of both mobile tower cranes and a mobile boom crane to lift the equipment into place. The crane siting required re-direction of all ambulance services to the Coronary Care Centre at the Hospital.

A further electrical riser required constructing to the side of the building in order to service the building from the new Switchroom. Steel support floors had to be fabricated and installed to an area between the stairway turret and the main building, with new access doorways cut in to the external wall of the existing services riser. The new riser was completely over clad with Marley Equitone cement boards to provide weather protection.

In order to provide generator support to the switchboard a 2500A cast resin busbar system was installed to the ground floor, a mobile generator connection point was provided to provide a plug in system in the event that a mobile generator is required to support the switchboard. In the overall final scheme this system will be utilised for a mobile generator connection point to the roof but as a temporary system to utilise the current site generation it is connected in to a Generator Distribution Switchboard. Further provisions of a new fully integrated generator system are proposed for the final system.

To finalise the system a fully integrated BMS system was provided to report on the current position of the newly installed equipment. This system comprised of new outstations located within close proximity to the new LV switchboards. These units have been placed on the site network for BMS and report back to the Facilities Management of the current status of the equipment.

Playfords as the principal contractor was responsible for all of the Health and Safety management, site co-ordination along with management of all the specialist sub-contractors. All modifications and new equipment required seamless integration with the old providing minimal disruption to the day to day services of the hospital. The project was completed with zero injuries/accidents. Further to the successful completion of the project Playfords successfully tendered for the new generation system to support the switchroom.

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