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Woodbridge Farm, Huntingdon


Woodbridge Farm, Huntingdon

Woodbridge Farm, Huntingdon

Contract Value: £16,000
Location: Huntingdon

Playfords were approached to design a ground mounted installation for a client who was aiming to become energy independent. The client had the benefit of a large field on his property and we designed a scheme to provide the optimum energy requirements to suit their needs.

A 10Kw Solar PV Array ground mounted scheme using Schletter PV Support Frames was deployed with 40x Winaco 250 watt Solar PV Panels. The installation was connected to the house by underground steel wired armoured cabling.

The client had a previously installed 4kilowatt wind generator and an SMA Sunny-island battery back-up system and the whole installation was connected in order that the client can make maximum use of the wind generator and solar PV array then store the energy, within the battery back-up system, for use when solar or wind generators are not available.

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