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Matts Lodge Farm, Northampton


Matts Lodge Farm, Northampton

Matts Lodge Farm, Northampton

Contract Value: £128,000
Location: Northampton

Playfords were engaged by the client to investigate the optimum use of Solar PV Panels from their site as the farm had multiple electricity meter connections and proved to be a very high energy user.

After careful consideration of the installation positions for Solar PV panels we installed >115Kw of Solar PV installations which were spread out over four meter connections.

The first was an industrial unit (which was a converted farm) for start-up business/industrial users with a perfectly positioned south facing roof and we installed 50kilowatt Solar PV panels connected to Power-One inverters. The power usage in this building was relatively low the client opted to install an export meter to gain the benefit of full export income whilst also being able to provide generation income for themselves and free electricity for the tenants occupying the units.

On another area of the farm the client was using an open area for storage using shipping containers which were let out to individuals for rented storage accommodation occasionally at double height. The client had two connections in this area and after a review two 30Kw installations were installed to provide maximum generation income and export without the need to provide export meters. A flat roof design using a Schüco Aero-deck Mounting System was installed across the roofs of the containers which were connected to Power-One inverters installed within custom built weatherproof enclosures.

The final installation was on one of the farm houses where a 4kilowatt installation was provided mounted due south.

The installations were fully completed, commissioned and handed over to the client in a four week period on-time and within budget.

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